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Updates (FINALLY!)

It's about time I updated the site a little, but in all honesty there hasn't been much to report... yet.

I just posted a project revolving around a Nixie milliVolt meter and Clocks, in the electronics section, and I am also doing a writeup of my big CNC Machine (re)build, and will post that when it's ready (would turn it into a multi-part post, but somethings need to be settled first). the machine will feature two 900W, 1000RPM, 7.2 N-m AC-Servo motors (that's over 50 foot-pounds Torque each!). I am building this for a lab at school, and we expect to machine some pretty fine grade aluminum parts when it's done.

Also going to post some other things when I get around to doing the write-ups.

Also, since the recent DEFCON Tamper Evident Competition hasn't posted the team write-ups in an easy to grab fashion, I'm going to put up what I have left of my team's once I find the files, they're around here somewhere... just hope they're not on my AES-TwoFish-AES drive I forgot the password to. If I can't find it, I'll stop playing video games and turn off folding@home for long enough for my GPUs to take a whack at it.

As a last note, I'm going through and fixing misspellings and slurs of my brain that were spat out as incoherent run-on sentences. Most of this site was originally written during either bizarre hours of day (well, not bizarre for college engineering students) and a lot of it while I was watching TV and in "autopilot"

'til next time!

EDIT: Some changes I have been making to to site have affected things a bit, but should be back to all working (except the rotator on the home page). I was using the live site to test as these modules don't like running without being on an active page for some reason.

EDIT#2: I later found out that the old image resizing method I was using with articles wouldn't work for the modules, and the rotator especially didn't like them. I had to go through and manually reupload resized images I could find for now until I find one that actually works, maybe at this rate I'll have to modify or write one. The rotator has been taken down until I can get all of the articles formatted.


Nixie Millivolt Meter Clock Add-on


I have been interested in the quirky sides of electronics for as long as I can remember, but I don't know how Nixies evaded my eye for so long. Only about a year ago, during my first semester of college...